Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pulau Pangkor

Pulau Pangkor is off the coast of Perak State, north of Selangor, lies a cluster of fabulous islands with unquestionably some of the best coves and beaches on the western coast of peninsular Malaysia. Among them, two islands predominate in terms of accessibility, infrastructure and development - the largest island, Pangkor and her sister Pangkor Laut.

Historically, Pangkor was a refuge for local fishermen, merchants and pirates. In the 17th century, the Dutch built a fort in an effort to control the Perak tin trade. In 1874, it was the location of a historic treaty between the British government and a contender for the Perak throne (The Pangkor Treaty), which began the British colonial domination of the Malay Peninsula.

Those who are not familiar with the geographical locations generally confuse the two. Forty minutes by ferry from Lumut, the popular island resort of Pulau Pangkor (Pangkor Island) welcomes visitors with its serene golden beaches, crystalline blue waters, and cool refreshing breezes. Located about 90km south west of lpoh, it is largely inhabited by fisherfolk. They live in scattered fishing settlements along the coast especially on the eastern side, facing the town of Lumut and Teluk Batik, and their catch comprises mainly cuttlefish and anchovy.

The modern facilities make it an ideal gateway. A wide range of sun and sea activities are available such as scuba diving, wind-surfing, fishing, snorkelling. Nothing beats the wonderful offerings of Pangkor's pristine beaches. And after you're had enough of the beach, retreat into the coll shades of virgin jungles for a closer look at nature. There's so much to do in Pangkor, so come discover at your own pace.

Pulau Pangkor is famous for its fine beaches and a mix of low budget to 5 star accommodations. Teluk Nipah and Coral Bay on the north west of the island is extremely popular with travellers from Europe. The quality of sand in the Pasir Bogak Beach is far superior to that elsewhere on the island. The sand is golden brown, quite similar to most leading prime beaches. There are a few resorts in Teluk Nipah or Nipah Bay.

Pangkor Island Hotels & Resorts Hotel Lo
Coral Bay Resort - Pasir Bogak
Havana Beach Resort - Teluk Nipah
Golden Beach Hotel & Resorts - Pasir Bogak
Pangkor Bay View Resort - Teluk Nipah
Pangkor Holiday Resort - Pasir Bogak
Pangkor Island Resort - Pangkor Island
Pangkor Laut Resort - Pangkor Island
Pangkor Puteri Resort Apartment & Chalet - Pasir Bogak
Puteri Bayu Beach Resort
(formerly Sri Bayu Resort) - Pantai Pasir Bogak
Seagull Beach Resort - Teluk Nipah
Sea View Hotel & Holiday Resort Jalan - Pasir Bogak
Teluk Dalam Resort - Pangkor Island


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